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Alright so this is part one of the the 4 part question that one roofer named Jeff asked me. See the original question here. http://connorgilson.com/?p=1431

Ok so you jump out into the market only to find that there are no longer just two ways to get really good leads like you did 20 years ago. Gone are the days where you literally could get rich with a newspaper ad and phone book placement. Now there is Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Vimeo, Yellow Pages, and Pintrest. Not to mention email, video and direct marketing such as knocking Doors and phone calls and mailers. I almost lost my mind typing those out.

The worst part is those are the main ones. Back in the day you had the phone-book that knew how to do phone-book ads and the newspaper that knew how to do newspaper ads. Now you can not even count the amount of people that supposedly are “experts” in each of those. So if you go to the actual giants like Google to do your marketing then you get hardly noticed by Google because they have so many clients.  Then you try the smaller people like me that can focus on you but your waste time “track spinning”. Track spinning is the act of being suspended in the air spending money on someone that has no clue what he or she is doing and you just waste money.  The only thing you pull away is that they don’t know what they are doing and not to use them again.

So I will help you by getting the big ones out of the way first.

Yellow Pages

Alright so this needs to be addressed right away. I have talked to over 128 different roofers in this country in the last year and a half, and what makes me want to smash my head into a wall is that you guys still use them. I have never heard one person that has said “Oh I use yellow pages and I get so many leads that it pays for itself.” NO I hear instead “I never have gotten leads”, or “I use to when I first started now I don’t.” However most roofers still try to use them.

Yellow Pages was good at phone books and those are outdated. Then they tried to take on Google online and they lost. They basically hang on by a thread and that thread is mostly made of roofers wasting their money on a company that hardly if ever provides leads for them. They don’t get traffic and they are a phone-book company trying to be a tech company. Would you buy a car from the same company that makes your bread or bagels.


Google Adwords PPC

Yay let’s talk about my most hated marketing aspect I know of. If you are familiar with my Roofing video that took the Roofing Nation by storm on Facebook and  Email. That’s how most of you know of me. That video started as a attack on Google adwords. I was angry that a once great company that had a affordable, aggressive, and great working marketing solution became so greedy and started to wreak the life’s of people like you that had finally found relief from the marketing puzzle. See the more they got money wise the more they raised the price for a click. The sad thing tho is that they started becoming highly ineffective and they just kept raising their price. For most roofing business the average is 15 dollars per click. WOW

It also like I said does not work well anymore. One it’s expensive but the other thing is people don’t even notice the ads or they don’t want to click on them because they know you paid to get there.



Hey it works for celebs, so it must work for me right? NOPE! No it does not. The thing is Twitter is not good for roofers. I like to explain Twitter as Facebook’s young and immature cousin. It’s very hard to provide value on it which is what Social Media is good for. Also for some reason people treat it that way also. Like it’s a immature cousin. Many people don’t want their company to be on it or they don’t want to buy from someone on it.


So what works Connor?


This is the one main thing I have been using for Roofers for the past 6 years. I have survived every update Google has thrown out at us. Now the reason SEO works is because being at the top of Google in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd spot will get you more click than all the ads. People that are looking for you and on average its 40-80 people per month for the good keywords. Don’t get me wrong tho a lot of people say they can do this but most do not. It’s very hard and takes a lot of knowledge to do this successfully. So you need to research the person you use has to have a actual proven track record of getting people to the top. However this is a long term strategy and takes 3-6 months to get the first few keywords to the top. This method is very powerful because it’s scalable however it does take time. So what about short term leads? Well just look down.


If you read the SEO part you will see that SEO was my number one way to get Roofers leads for quite some time. However slowly I saw Facebook sneaking up and I had to relentlessly give up SEO as my number one way to get sales. So why is Facebook the better way to get leads. Well if you are looking for a short time before you get your first lead. Unlike SEO you are instantly in front of people offering value where as SEO is 3-6 months. Also two great things are accomplished with Facebook.

1. You can educate and create value. With tips, articles, and videos.

2. I will tell you later ;p

So number 1. Reality is that today you have to teach people. There is no longer a need or lack of  Roofers that do your exact thing. There is also no longer a lack of the ability to attain information at the click of a mouse. So the secret is you need to educate people on Facebook with tips and information that will help them either fix a problem or how to pick and identify a good roofer. Video is very important because it sells much better and covers a lot of content in a way that does not take to long or is hard on the eyes.

The second thing that makes Facebook great is that it’s constant. Unlike many methods people will go to your site and then never think about you again if they choose not to. However with Facebook now you can stand in front of people day in and day out. The fun part is if you apply point one and offer value and not cram sales or offers down their throat they don’t care if you are in front of them all the time because they like you because you help them and teach them.  Or more simply you offer value to them. “And if he can offer me this much value now I can’t wait to find out what he offers when I pay him.”

Next time we cover What variations of said methods will actually work the best for you. [Everyone is Different]

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