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Me: “So why have you chosen right now to contact me and decide you want to have a website made?”

Recent Prospect: “Well Connor to be honest I have wanted to do this for the past 3 years however I have not really committed to doing it.” (Red flag we will talk about this below) “However I feel like I need to do it now.”

Many of you may know of me as a website guy, or the Internet Marketing expert that caught your attention when no one else could. However one other thing I do is Business Consulting. I mostly focus on the motivation and train staff, business owners, and CEO’s. I teach them how to grow their business by actions and thoughts. The difference between the small businesses that I work with and the fortune 500 CEO’s and presidents is the problem above.  The above conversation happened over 3 months ago. As soon as I heard those words come out I knew this was not the moment he was going to change.

In fact the first week I was ignored, then there was another reason they could not move forward for the next month. Then after that I received a call that they would not be able to move forward for the next few months. As far as I am concerned next year it may happen but it probably wont. It will continue for maybe another 3 years.

Reality is to many people do this, to many small business owners (if your smaller than a fortune 500 company. I am talking to you.) They push thing’s off for far to long. They focus on how they are going to fix the leaky drain in the bathroom, or taking every call personally, or trying to monitor every second of the employes life they hired. However I sit down with hundreds of business owners a year and they all say the same thing. “I don’t know how to make more money with my business, can you help us?” Then whether its me or even their current web designer or service provider they tell them tomorrow, or maybe later, or next month. You know what? They say that every day till their business keels over, coughs blood and dies. I did a little math the other day. I took every business that I have met with and they said maybe later, in the past 6 years and I made a list and either checked their websites or called them. Guess what? 53% of them had closed, and another 12% said that they did not think they would recover and probably close down in the next 2-5 months.

Here’s a fun fact, a fortune 500 company CEO will take about 2-3 days to make a decision on something. They will move forward if they feel 80% ready. They also spend 10%-15% of their gross income on marketing. We are talking about companies like Pepsi, Ubisoft, Apple, and Subaru.

That being said answer this. If you keep saying you will do it tomorrow will you ever do it? Obviously no. However every time you choose not to make a choice with your company that has the promise of growing it, you make yourself even more lazy than the last time. Humans are a creature of habit so every time we say maybe later it makes it easier for us to say it the next time. So for 2014 make it your goal to be decisive. Yes and no. Say them and then follow threw.

If you want to make your company grow start today and contact someone that will grow your business. If not keep saying I’ll do it tomorrow.

Don’t you worry your competitor the one that makes all the money will keep doing it every day you wait to do something. They will be working when you sleep, eat, and watch TV.

I do not want to see you on my list of closed businesses in the next 6 years. No one has ever, ever, ever became great by doing it tomorrow when they could do it today. If you are not moving forward you will go backwards, because your on a hill and you can not just sit there.

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