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Dear Connor,
I realize you are one of the better marketers for roofers. So this is why I am coming to you. About three years ago my father handed his roofing company down to me. He has helped me a lot and has taught me how to run the business in every aspect. I love working in this field. However one thing he can not teach me, and that’s why I need your advice.  He does not know how to get more sales. He came from the days when phone books and a newspaper ad was all you needed. We know that no longer works and that there are a lot more options or ways to market however we are paralyzed. We don’t know what avenue to use, we wonder if it will even work and I am really honestly scared to lose the company that has been around for three generations. I have all the tools except how to get more sales. We get a lot of referrals. In fact 85 to 90 percent of new work is referrals however it is not enough. I also believe if we have new people coming in to the company our referral numbers will go up also. I am asking for your help because I am not the only roofer I see suffering from this and you have helped me a lot with that video but I need more help or our 3 gen company will end with me.
Thank You in advance for all the help.
Jeff **********

My Response

Hey Jeff,
Thank you for taking the time to write me and actually putting trust in the fact I will provide value ahead of time.
Jeff reality is I understand more than most people in your industry the exact situation that you mentioned. In fact and I know this is said a lot but I mean it. Your problem is extremely common for roofers and even other industry’s. Except the amount of reality this problem causes is much more for roofers than most other industry’s.
I do want to say that your smart when you said.
“We get a lot of referrals. In fact 85 to 90 percent of new work is referrals however it is not enough. I also believe if we have new people coming in to the company our referral numbers will go up also.”
This is very true and I am glad you realized that before most of the roofers I have met do. Many people think they can get by on referrals and it’s just not true. Reality is it may last a while however for most people if not all, that pipeline of referrals runs low or drys up at times because some people just don’t refer that much or they run out of people to refer to. So you are correct you need a way to get new leads in at all times.
Now the bad is that whether you or your father, someone waited to long. One of you waited till you were desperate to take action and move forward and now your starting to drown. I call this the life preserver scramble. People see things go down hill and wait hoping things start to get better. Whether it’s fear or just laziness people wait to long and don’t right the problem. The thing about marketing is it is not a switch. You can’t just flip it on at a low cost and get out of the hole your in, and when you can flip it like a switch to get you out of the hole you need to have a lot to spend.
There are a lot of problems you face.
1.What method works
2.What variations of said methods will actually work the best for you. [Everyone is Different]
3.How to find your target audience and work out all the steps to get them from ad to signup and then to dollar signs.
4. The more deep you are to drowning the more you are likely to screw it up.

Here is the thing tho. I don’t have the time to answer all the details for you, but what I will do is do a few posts on my blog so I can help you and every other roofer that wants to learn because like you said a lot of roofers suffer from this. I will post a part on my blog answering all of those points so you can grow and get out alive.
Also I will give you 30% off on all my services because your helping me educate, teach, and change roofers life’s. Also I will give you free consulting with boundaries of coarse to help you with any questions so your company does not go down. Your generation in your company will be remembered as the turning point and you will be know as a great leader because you took action and got your self out.

To your success,
Connor Gilson

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