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It can be hard!

Now I get it, it’s super hard to stand out in a sea of competition. When I started my business I was fortunate in the fact that I had a easy jump from company not existing, to me netting 60k my first year. However that took a lot of time at my previous job working for free for a year to learn as a intern then becoming SVP and later on opening my own company.

It’s the key!

It really is. In order to stand out and be something people will flock to, you have to be forming the definition of yourself. You have to show why you are different. Why they need to buy from you. Where is the value? Can’t I get this for cheaper? What if it does not work? Why do you keep going back and forth between two ideas? All these questions you have to answer directly to your clients but also indirectly, and how do you do that you may ask. Well threw brand development.

I want you to think about you and your friends for a minute. Do they hang around you for a certain reason? Do you hang around them for a certain reason? If they described you to someone else what would they say? What would you say of them? Guess what? That is Personal Brand. However no one thinks of it that way. They think personal brand is just a business thing and it is not that important. However if you are like my friends you have a reason to hang around with certain people. For example people hang around me because I am blunt, to the point, I don’t waste time, I am aggressive when need be, I get things done, I help anyone I can to find their calling, I help people master psychology, and I am as loyal as a human can be and will defend the people I care about with my life. Now my business people pick me because I am young, aggressive, I have a work ethic most my generation can’t stand up to, I get things done, I am always thinking outside the box, I am a force to be reckoned with, and I am constantly learning and evolving.

It’s easy as A.B.C!

As a wonderful book brought out (Book Yourself Solid) it’s really as easy as ABC! Always Be Communicating! So what does that mean? It means that no matter how much you want to build your brand you need to know if the message is getting to the right people correctly. Do your customers know you? Do they know what the heck you do? Do they want to work with you based off of price or your work quality and smarts? Do they know what morals and standards you adhere to? I hope they do, but you don’t know until you talk to them and communicate with them. This helps out in two way. 1. because you are constantly teaching people what and who you are when you constantly communicate with them. 2. You get to see what they think of you. Do they view you the way you want them to? This also gives you a chance to see whether there is something you need to work on that can make you better.

So there you have it, the first step to building personal brand. Continue to follow along to find more detailed ways to do it.

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